ACTIVITY PACKS  +  Family Boxes

During this unique season, our River Kids team provides a small activity pack suitable for toddlers through kids in elementary school each Sunday morning. If you are watching the live stream at home, please note these materials are also available for download hereIf you have questions or would like more information about River Kids (babies to 5th grade) outside of the context of this unique season, email Rachel Murphy for more details.

Each month a new “River Kids Family Box” is available FREE for each family. These are available for pick-up at our Worship Gathering. We believe the parents’ mandate in Deuteronomy 6 is to train their children to follow the Lord. Our desire is that River Kids would serve as a catalyst for discussion and teaching between parents and children. Email Rachel Murphy to reserve your free box. If you’re unable or uncomfortable attending the Worship Gatherings, let us know and we will arrange for local delivery.