JAN 25 - FEB 14


As a church we start each year off with a season of prayer. Now more than ever, WE NEED GOD TO MOVE. In our world, in our nation, in our city, in our hearts - we need breakthrough. We truly believe that God, in His power, is the only one who can bring about lasting transformation. If this is true, then PRAYER IS THE WORK. Together, we are committing to 21 full "work days" (8 hours per day) to seek the Lord and ask Him to move.  We're asking everyone to commit to at least 30 minutes of focused time per day in prayer.  Follow the link below to sign up for 30 minute time slots until we cover 8 hours each day for the next 21 days. You might want to sign up to pray for the same 30-minute time slot in the early morning, during your commute to work, during a lunch or midday break or something else that works for you. We hope this helps you start healthy rhythms, draw near to God, and see the change we all long for. 

Here's a simple guide for your time of prayer:

ONE  - Growth in our personal relationships with the Lord

TWO -  Unity and deepening relationships among our church family

THREE - Impact for Christ in Boston & Beyond